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BDFQ Series Aluminum Foil Slitting and Rewinding Machine

This is Aluminum Foil Slitter Rewinder Machine, suitable for aluminum foil , film, lamented paper,paper etc. Machine widely used in paper making, printing and packaging industries area. It suitable for customers who have slitter roll requirement.

This is Slitting Rewinding Machine for smallest rewinding roll, suitable for many kinds of film,lamented paper,paper etc.Machine widely used in paper making, printing and packaging industries area.It suitable for customers who have smallest rollrequirement.


BDFQ Series 600/800/1100/1300

Type ofSlitting (according material)

Circular Slitting Blade

Razor Slitting Blade

Thickness Paper Range

18-200 GSM

Thickness Film Range

Any Film and aluminum foil

Unwinding Reels Diameter

Max 1400mm

Unwinding Reels Weight


Unwinding Paper Core

3inch 6 inch 12 inch

Max.Rewinding Diameter


Min.Slitting Width Range


Rewinding Paper Core

2Inch 3 Inch 4 inch 6inch 12 inch

Max. Rewinding Roll Weight


Slitting Accuracy


Max.Slitting Speed

350 meter/min

Requirement of theAirPressure



AC380V/220Vx50HZ 3PH

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